Sunday, February 7, 2010

Congratulations Wording On The Arrival Of New Baby Can I Say "Congratulations On Your Promotion" To The Higher Rank Person?

Can I say "Congratulations on your promotion" to the higher rank person? - congratulations wording on the arrival of new baby

Can I say: "Congratulations on your promotion" to someone more senior?
Is it only the person above to?

If so, how can I say, without promoting the word "Congratulations" to my boss.

As you can tell your friend and the promotion of the boss?
Please help me.


Love My Hubby - Hate His Mom said...

Yes, you can a person in a higher position to congratulate you on when he was promoted! Smiles and shakes his hand!

kajmal said...

As with most things, depends on your relationship with the person. If you know, and they have a good relationship with them and praises his rise, which is perfectly in order. If your boss knows you and loves you, I would almost say that what you say, must be something about his carriage when I see it.

However, if the promotion and who does not even know me to congratulate me questions about their intentions.

Where Beer said...

Once that's done, and accused of confrontation. Depends what you mean. In general, most people seem to just "jealous" when congratulating a little higher.
But you can cut. Just congratulations and hope to proud to admit that in their place one day.

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